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Die Zeitung 2009

lego, newspaper

34 x 45 x 1.5 cm 

About Lego  Abstract  Relief


"There is no ultimate meaning, only interpretation" _Jacques Derrida


The Lego based boards, which I have been working on since 2009, are  my most  developed  series. The  basic concept  of  these  pieces  was  to create a new image by disassembling and recomposing the surface  of the works. Deconstruction  is  a contemporary  philosophical   trend which  can  be   linked  to  French philosopher  Jacques Derrida and is mainly applied in literary  theory.

Its point is disassembling concepts and  complete  works  of literature

and often rebuilding them  based on free association.

My Lego - reliefs are  based on the same  concept: the  objects, images practically fall apart and are later re-composed –  mainly randomly – to form a recreated whole again.

During my studies  at the Hungarian University  of Fine Arts I attended different   courses   in    various departments  and  experienced  that they  all   have   their  generally accepted  mediums.   Being  equally interested in photography, painting, sculpture and media  art, I looked for a formal solution the technical possibilities  of  which are  still unclear for  me, and  which  allows  me to  experiment  with   different  combinations  of  mediums.  Playing with Lego does not only mean playing with a certain  company’s  product.  It  is  a   more   general  concept, probably  in  the  intersection  of engineering   sciences   and   free creativity, as it is about creating something new of standardized units.

Like  any  material,  lego  has its bound features as well.

In my  works,  bricks and cubes are tautologically replaced  by  Legos.

An essential element of the reliefs is  the  intentional mistake, which demonstrates    the   aspects   and existence   of   things   in  their diversity and the supplement, which refers to the absence  that derives from   the   divergence  of  things.

The development  of the human being is  based  on  the absence: the man discovers  the  meaning  of  things 

by   their    continuously   moving differences.  In  this process, new absences,   which    need   to   be supplemented, constantly arise.  


The  Lego  reliefs  follow two main, occasionally    overlapping    ways.

One  of  them is construction, which relates  to  the  tradition  of  the constructivist  image - creation  as loose     paraphrases    of    Image Architecture  ( Bild  Architektur ).

The  other  one  is  deconstruction, which  is  based  on  the pixel as a picture building unit which replaces raster graphics.

The pixel is a picture building tool of  contemporary  imaging, which can be  regarded  as  a data set made of units  that  can  be disassembled or pieced   together,   and   therefore manipulated as desired.

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